Monday, October 24, 2011

Meal Plan Monday ~ Week of Oct. 24

It's been a long time since I've posted my meal plan for the week.  Sadness, I know.  Things have been so busy lately.  It seems like since school started in August there has been at least one late training a week, and usually more than one.

My district is piloting the new teacher evaluation process which will go into effect for all teachers in 2014.  This means that we all had to be trained in all areas of the evaluation process by October, and there are quite a few parts to it. 

Last week I had trainings until 5:00 on Monday and Tuesday and parent/teacher conferences until 7:00 pm on Thursday.  So basically Wednesday was the only day I was able to be home at a decent time in the evening.  I generally do not cook on days that I am home that late.  I just don't have the energy. 

The silver lining is that the majority of the late meeting madness is over!  This means that I will be able to get home at a decent time, cook dinner, help the kids with homework and maybe even have time to read my blogs and work on a knitting/crochet project.  And this makes me very happy!  :)

So here is my meal plan for the week.  As usual, it is partially Pinterest inspired and anything in red will be added soon!

Sunday - Chicken and dressing casserole , sweet potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce (Thanksgiving anyone?)

Monday - Meatloaf, au gratin potatoes, veggie of some sort

Tuesday - Chili Mac with cornbread topping, salad

Wednesday - BBQ Chicken Calzones, chips, fruit

Thursday - Italian ham and grilled cheese sandwiches and vegetable soup.

Friday - Mom's night off :).

Dessert this week is Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Have a great week everyone!

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